Coverock-V is an A1 fire rated, mineral wool insulation product that provides protection against heat loss and noise pollution.

Coverock-V is specifically manufactured for the rainscreen cladding market, featuring a black fibreglass veil which assists the product in having a more subtle appearance, should it be visible at all in gaps through the cladding system. The veil also provides windproof resistance, enhanced durability and protection against the weather. 

The compact structure of the insulation slabs allows for them to be cut to any size during construction without causing any pulling of the fibres or damage to the product. Coverock-V is a hydrophobic material, meaning water absorption into the facade is limited during construction.  

Coverock V
Key Features
  • A1 fire rated to EN 13501-01
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.035 W/mK
  • BDA Agrément approved
  • CE marked
  • Has a high class of T5 dimensional tolerance and dimensional stability at changing temperatures
  • Thicknesses: 60 to 250 mm
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