Siderise cavity fire barriers provide a fire and smoke seal, whilst allowing for drainage and ventilation behind the rainscreen cladding on a facade.

Siderise fire barriers seal the gaps in wall cavities and stop smoke and fire from travelling across a building's facade. Installed horizontally at each floor level and vertically at each wall, these barriers stop the potential spread of fire and are tested to European standards including EN1364-4, EN1364-3 and EN1366-4.

The fire barriers are made from a non combustible stone wool lamella core and are reinforced with an aluminium foil on exposed surfaces.

View some of the key Siderise products that we supply below.

Siderise Cavity Fire Barriers

These A1 fire rated barriers have a continuous bonded intumescent strip on the main edge and are covered with a weather resistant polymer film. If exposed to fire, the barrier expands and seals the ventilation gap, stopping the spread of any flames or smoke. 

These barriers may be used with a range of cladding types, however the maximum gap must not exceed the stated air gap. RH cavity barriers come in two options, RH25 for air gaps up to 25mm and RH50 for up to 50mm. 

These A1 fire rated barriers, for use with rainscreen cladding, are used to fill the void between the internal structure and external envelope. By sealing the void, they assist in maintaining air-pressurisation compartmentation. 

The stonewool lamella core enables these vertical barriers to accommodate any contracting or expanding that may occur on the facade. 

Open State Cassette Inserts (OSCI) can be used either horizontally or vertically as part of cassette panel cladding systems. Applied directly to the internal surface of a cassette panel, these inserts simplify the installation of adjacent fire barriers and ensure that the air gap is the correct dimension. 

OSCI are available in a range of widths and thicknesses and can be used in combination with RH25, RH50 and RV cavity barriers. 

Other Available Products

We are also able to supply the following products from Siderise: 

  • CW-FB | Curtain Wall Fire Board 
  • CW-FS | Perimeter Barriers and Firestops for Curtain Walling 
  • CW | Perimeter Firestop and Protected Spandrel Systems for Curtain Walling
  • NXR | Nexus Core for Bonded Composite Structures 
  • NXS | Nexus Fusion for Spandrel Panels 
  • CW-AB | Acoustic Barrier Overlay for Facades
  • CW Range: CVB/C10 | Acoustic Cavity Barrier for Curtain Walling
  • M | Mullion and Transom Acoustic Inserts for Curtain Walling
  • CH | Cavity Barriers for Non-Ventilated Cladding - Horizontal 
  • Ancillaries 
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