Tenmat manufactures a range of fire tested cavity barriers for facades which meet the necessary regulations for the construction of safe buildings.

In high rise buildings it is essential that passive fire protection is included in the facade build up to ensure that should a fire occur, the risk of the spread of fire is decreased. Tenmat offer a range of cavity barriers which are continuously tested to relevant industry standards by third party fire test laboratories. 

All the Tenmat open state cavity barriers are tested to TGD19 and all closed state cavity barriers are tested to EN 13501-2:2016. Tenmat products allow you to meet the requirements of Approved Document B. 

View the full range of Tenmat cavity barrier products that we offer below. 

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Tenmat Cavity Barriers

VFB Plus 'open state' cavity barriers are for use with ventilated cavities of up to a maximum of 450mm. These fire barriers are manufactured from a non combustible, stone mineral wool with an intumescent seal fixed on to the leading edge. 

The VFB Plus leaves a maximum air gap of 44mm which allows for drainage and ventilation. In the occurrence of a fire, the intumescent seal will expand rapidly and seal off this air gap, stopping the spread of smoke and fire across the building.  

Typical fire ratings of minimum 30 to 60 minutes for integrity and insulation. 

The VFB cavity fire barrier is for use in ventilated cavities of up to 450mm, leaving a maximum 25mm air gap for drainage and ventilation of the facade. Formulated from stone mineral wool, these barriers have a high expansion intumescent seal on the leading edge. 

Typical fire rating of minimum 60 minutes for integrity and insulation. 

For use in ventilated cavities of up to 450mm, this product can offer up to 120 minutes of integrity and insulation in the occurrence of a fire, dependant on the size of the cavity. 

Tenmat's non ventilated cavity barriers are made from an A1 fire rated stone mineral wool and are capable of resisting fire for up to 120 minutes. 

For applications of cassette panels, the Tenmat Cassette Infill can be used to fill out the depth of the cassette panel, allowing for a continuous air gap without the need for notching around the joints of the panel. 

Fire rated up to 120 minutes for integrity and insulation. 

FF102/50 cavity fire barriers are manufactured from a high expansion, low smoke zero halogen intumescent material. These strip format barriers are designed to reinstate fire resistance to external wall cavities of up to 50mm. 

Fire rated up to 120 minutes for integrity and insulation.

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