FSI is the manufacturer of a range of fire stopping products, including cavity barriers for use on facades, alongside rainscreen cladding.

Cavity barriers are developed to protect the void between the inner structure of a building and the facade. In the event of a fire, the outer edge of cavity barriers expand to close the ventilation gap, preventing the passage of heat, smoke and fire from one section of a building to another.

FSI has been in the industry for over 20 years and are one of the largest manufacturers of cavity barriers in Europe. View the FSI products that we offer below. 

OSCB 1 Product
FSI Cavity Barriers

Paraflam® Seb is designed for use on external rainscreen facades. Manufactured from stone wool, the product is non combustible and has a foil facing which prevents fibres from migrating and provides an excellent seal. As well as offering fire resistance, this cavity barrier has thermal and acoustic benefits. 

The Silverliner® Open State Cavity Barrier (OSCB) has been developed for use in a ventilated facade, allowing for a 25mm or 50mm air gap to ensure that air can move through the facade and any moisture can drain away. The aluminium foil coating stops the migration of fibres and offers a Class 0 rating. 

If a fire occurs, the outer edge of the cavity barrier will expand and close the ventilation gap, stopping flames and smoke from travelling to other parts of the building. 

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