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A full range of both through-coloured or painted fibre cement cladding panels where every panel is visually and texturally unique.

Equitone fibre cement cladding is made up of a mix of cement, mineral additives and cellulose fibres, which is compressed to create a highly durable and through-coloured panel. The through-coloured panels offer great design flexibility, with the panels being able to cut to size without the edges showing a different colour. 

Equitone panels come in a maximum size of 1.25m x 3m and can then easily be cut to size or shape by us, using our specialist CNC machines.

Available Ranges

Equitone [linea] are through coloured panels that highlight the natural texture of fibre cement. The appearance of these panels changes throughout the day depending on the angle of the sun in the sky. Available in large panel sizes as standard that can be cut into many shapes and different sizes. 

  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Panel sizes: 2500 x 1220mm, 3050 x 1220mm
  • Weight: 16.8kg/m2
  • Available in three colours
  • Both visible and invisible fixings available

Equitone [lunara] panels feature a rough, unpolished surface that has been designed to resemble the surface of the moon. The through-colored panels are each completely unique, with the production process meaning that the surface pattern is never repeated. Available in large panel sizes as standard that can be cut into individual shapes and sizes dependant on the desired design. 

  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Panel sizes: 2500 x 1220mm, 3050 x 1220mm
  • Weight: 18.6kg/m2
  • Available in two colours

Each through-coloured Equitone [natura] panel subtly displays the raw texture of the inner fibre cement material, making each panel totally unique. Available in large panel sizes as standard, these panels can be cut into any shape or size required. 

  • Thickness: 8mm
    • Panel sizes: 1250 x 2500mm or 1250 x 3100mm (trimmed), 1280 x 2530mm, 1280 x 3130mm (untrimmed)
    • Weight: 15.4kg/m2
  • Thickness: 12mm
    • Panel sizes: 1250 x 2500mm or 1250 x 3100mm (trimmed), 1280 x 2530mm, 1280 x 3130mm (untrimmed) 
    • Weight 22.8kg/m2
  • Available in 27 colours

Equitone [pictura] have an ultra matt surface finish and are ideal for crisp detailing. Available in large panel sizes that can be cut to size. 

  • Thickness: 8mm
    • Panel sizes: 2500 x 1250mm, 3100 x 1250mm
    • Weight: 15.4kg/m2
  • Thickness: 12mm
    • Panel sizes: 2500 x 1250mm, 3100 x 1250mm
    • Weight: 22.8kg/m2
  • Available in 20 standard colours. Other colours are available upon request but are subject to minimum order quantities

Equitone [tectiva] panels are characterised by their sanded surface and naturally occurring hues. Every through-coloured panel is visually unique, with the raw texture of the panels showing through. These panels are available in large sizes and can be cut into any shape or size required. 

  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Panel sizes: 2500 x 1220mm, 3050 x 1220mm
  • Weight: 14.9kg/m2
  • Available in nine colours
Key Features
  • A2 fire rated in accordance with EN 13501-01
  • Weather, insect and rot resistant 
  • Equitone panels are available in a range of standard sizes and thicknesses
  • These panels can be selected in a variety of colours and finishes 
  • At the end of their 50+ year life span, Equitone cladding panels are fully recycable 
St Georges School Pavilion 4
EQUITONE Linea Colour LT20 EN 20170927 Mkt 2
LT20 Pebble
EQUITON Elinea LT85 CLOSE 3000x2000
LT85 Graphite
EQUITONE Linea Colour LT60 EN 20170927 Mkt 2
LT60 Hessian
EQUITONE Lunara Top Pic LA20 EN 20190822 Mkt 1
LA20 Pebble
EQUITONE Lunara Top Pic LA60 EN 20190822 Mkt 1
LA60 Hessian
EQUITONE Natura Colour N073 EN 20171004 Mkt
N073 Charcoal
EQUITONE Natura Colour N074 EN 20171004 Mkt
N074 Obsidian
EQUITONE Natura Colour N154 EN 20171004 Mkt
N154 Cream White
EQUITONE Natura Colour N161 EN 20171004 Mkt
N161 Pale Mist
EQUITONE Natura Colour N162 EN 20171004 Mkt
N162 Chalk Grey
EQUITONE Natura Colour N163 EN 20171004 Mkt
N163 Soft Grey
EQUITONE Natura Colour NF164 EN 20190425 Mkt
N164 White
EQUITONE Natura Colour N211 EN 20171004 Mkt
N211 Classic Grey
EQUITONE Natura Colour N250 EN 20171004 Mkt
N250 Natural Grey
EQUITONE Natura Colour N251 EN 20171004 Mkt
N251 Anthracite
EQUITONE Natura Colour N252 EN 20171004 Mkt
N252 Ash Grey
EQUITONE Natura Colour N281 EN 20171004 Mkt
N281 Nimbus
EQUITONE Natura Colour N294 EN 20171004 Mkt
N294 Portland
EQUITONE Natura Colour N331 EN 20171004 Mkt
N331 Agate Red
EQUITONE Natura Colour N359 EN 20180907 Mkt
N359 Ruby
EQUITONE Natura Colour N411 EN 20171004 Mkt
N411 Sea Mist
EQUITONE Natura Colour N412 EN 20171004 Mkt
N412 Blue Grey
EQUITONE Natura Colour N593 EN 20171004 Mkt
N593 Green Mist
EQUITONE Natura Colour N594 EN 20171004 Mkt
N594 Jadeite Green
EQUITONE Natura Colour N661 EN 20171004 Mkt
N661 Muted Yellow
EQUITONE Natura Colour N662 EN 20171004 Mkt
N662 Summer Haze
EQUITONE Natura Colour N861 EN 20171004 Mkt
N861 Tawny Hue
EQUITONE Natura Colour N891 EN 20171004 Mkt
N891 Beach Stone
EQUITONE Natura Colour N892 EN 20171004 Mkt
N892 Fossil Grey
EQUITONE Natura Colour N961 EN 20171004 Mkt
N961 Ecru
EQUITONE Natura Colour N972 EN 20171004 Mkt
N972 Sepia
EQUITONE Natura Colour N991 EN 20171004 Mkt
N991 Autumn Dusk
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PA041 EN 20171004 Mkt
PA041 Matt Black
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PA944 EN 20171004 Mkt
PA944 Espresso
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG241 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG241 Gunmetal Grey
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG243 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG243 Moonstone
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG341 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG341 Volcanic Red
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG342 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG342 Deep Purple
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG442 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG442 Sky Blue
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG443 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG443 Regency Blue
EQUITONE pictura Colour PG444 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG444 Navy Blue
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG542 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG542 Olive
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG544 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG544 Bright Green
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG545 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG545 Autumn Green
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG546 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG546 Teal
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG641 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG641 Powder Yellow
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG642 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG642 Antique Yellow
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG742 20171004 EN Mkt
PG742 Pale Orange
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG843 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG843 Fawn Grey
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PG844 EN 20171004 Mkt
PG844 Mocha
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PW141 EN 20171004 Mkt
PW141 Porcelain
EQUITONE Pictura Colour PW841 EN 20171004 Mkt
EQUITONE Tectiva Colour TE00 EN 20171003 Mkt
TE00 Calico
EQUITONE Tectiva Colour TE10 EN 20171004 Mkt
TE10 Linen
EQUITONE Tectiva Colour TE15 EN 20171004 Mkt
TE15 Argent Grey
EQUITONE Tectiva Colour TE20 EN 20171004 Mkt
TE20 Pebble
EQUITONE Tectiva Colour TE30 EN 20171004 Mkt
TE30 Sandstorm
EQUITONE Tectiva Colour TE40 EN 20171004 Mkt
TE40 Sahara
EQUITONE Tectiva Colour TE60 EN 20171004 Mkt
TE60 Hessian
EQUITONE Tectiva Colour TE85 EN 20191112 Mkt
TE85 Graphite
EQUITONE Tectiva Colour TE90 EN 20171004 Mkt
TE90 Chalk
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EQUITONE natura PRO N154 Cream White
St Georges School Pavilion 4
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