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Kemwell Group offers a range of BBA certified and A1 non combustible fire protection boards for use in facade build ups.

Kemwell Group is a manufacturer of fire-resistant boards which offer fire protection to construction projects across the UK. The boards are made from a mixture of cement and natural fibres, which in addition to fire-resistant properties, gives thermal and acoustic insulation.

These boards are suitable for external applications including the following: 

  • Cladding
  • Panelling 
  • Decorative walling
  • Curtain walling
  • External boarding
Available Ranges

The WeatherKem Calcium Silicate Fibre Cement Board holds a BBA certification and A1 fire rating. Used primarily as a sheathing board, this product is suitable for use on a range of buildings including schools and hospitals. 

These boards are suited to projects where quick construction is needed and hygiene and cleanliness is of high importance. 

  • Width - 2400mm
  • Length - 1200mm
  • Thickness - 6 to 18mm 

The FireKem FP-900 is non combustible fire protection board which is lightweight and easy to install. Most commonly used in commercial and industrial projects, these boards are Class 0 rated and are particularly suited for drywall construction applications. 

Due to the alkalinity of the boards, they are anti-bacterial and are therefore suitable for use in projects where hygiene is of concern.

  • Width - 2400mm
  • Length - 1200mm
  • Thickness - 9 to 25mm

Kemwell Impact Boards are A1 fire rated and offer blast, impact and fire protection to commercial, industrial and transport projects. 

These boards will withstand explosions and fires and will be unaffected by sprinkler systems or firefighters hoses. Tests show these boards can provide 4 hours of containment of fire. 

  • Width - 2400mm
  • Length - 1200mm
  • Thickness - 9.5mm 

Kemwell Soffit Liner is an A1 non combustible board, suited for providing fire resistance and thermal insulation in commercial and industrial buildings. 

These boards are available in a range of facings: foil faced, white tissue faced, black tissue faced, plain and high impact (6mm calcium silicate board). 

  • Width - 600mm
  • Length - 1200mm
  • Thickness - 130 to 166mm
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