Benx offers a range of A1 fire rated and BBA certified sheathing boards which offer solutions for all structural applications.

Sheathing boards are used as an outer, structural layer on facades, with their function being to strengthen the building structure and create a base for other materials such as rainscreen cladding. The boards also provide protection against wind and water penetration in order to keep the building as structurally sound as possible. 

Benx provides a range of non combustible cement sheathing boards that offer a minimum life expectancy of 30 years. 

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Available Ranges

Y-Wall is an A1 fire rated and BBA approved calcium silicate cement board which offers high levels of dimensional stability alongside its fire resistant properties. Usually used as a sheathing or building board, this product is suitable for use behind all types of facade materials. 

Standard board size: (other sizes are available) 

  • Width - 2400mm
  • Length - 1200mm
  • Thickness - 6 to 15mm 

RCM Multipurpose is A1 fire rated and BBA approved. Available as building boards and soffit strips, these cellulose fibre cement boards are highly versatile and offer strength, weathering and acoustic benefits. 

  • Width - 1200mm
  • Length - 2400mm
  • Thickness - 6 to 12mm

RCM Cemboard is a cement bonded particle board which is used primarily as an external sheathing board. Cemboard is a great choice for both offsite and modular builds, as well as metal and timber frame buildings. 

  • Width - 1200mm
  • Length - 2400mm
  • Thickness - 8 to 24mm 
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