Vitradual is an aluminium rainscreen cladding system which can be provided in custom sizes as per design requirements.

These lightweight cladding panels are a versatile design choice, with the ability to be customised into a range of shapes and sizes, as well as the ability to perforate or curve the cladding panels. As standard the panels are available in widths of 1000mm, 1250mm or 1500mm, lengths of 3200mm or 4000mm and thicknesses of 2mm or 3mm.

Vitradual cladding is available in 6 colour ranges, from solid colours, to those that are made to imitate the look of real stone or wood, but without the potential risk of weathering and the weight of the natural product.

Available Ranges

This range provides colours that vary dependant on the light shining onto them. 

The metallic range offers the appearance of a number of different metal materials. 

An extensive range of colours to either make a statement or match local architecture. 

This range mimics a concrete facade at a fraction of the weight and cost.

From teak to oak, this range features a number of wood-effect finishes. 

This range consists of finishes that imitate the look of metals such as Zinc or Copper. 

Fixing Systems

Vitradual is available in 6 fixing systems, allowing for flexibility in the facade design.

  • Cassette Fix: with this system, the Vitradual panels are fabricated with returns on all 4 sides, where the fixings are then installed into the joints to make this a discrete fixing system. There is the option to further hide the fixings by sealing the joints with a sealant that has been colour matched to the rainscreen cladding.
  • Rivet Fix: the Vitradual panels are cut into flat sheets. The fixings can be colour matched to the panels.
  • Secret Fix with Hook On: similar to the Cassette Fix system, the panels are fabricated with returns on all 4 sides. The panels are then hung onto a vertical profile with the fixings being hidden by the panel above.
  • Planking System: the Vitradual panels are fabricated into planks, which are then installed in an overlapping fashion with provides a smooth and continuous surface with no visible fixings. This system is perfect for projects where a timber alternative is required.
  • Standing Seam Effect System: with this system, the Vitradual panels can be installed either horizontally or vertically, with a raised seam that overlaps with the previous panel.
  • Stud Weld Secret Fix: with this system, fixings are invisible with brackets mechanically fixing the panels to the Vitrafix system behind. This system is ideal when quick fixing is required.
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John Smith, Precision Facades
7085 chromatic gold dust
7085 Chromatic Gold Dust
7090 chromatic ice
7090 Chromatic Ice
7450 chromatic diamond purple
7450 Chromatic Diamond Purple
7550 chromatic jungle green
Chromatic Jungle Green
7690 chromatic ancient red
Chromatic Ancient Red
4150 gold metallic
4150 Gold Metallic
4240 sunshine grey
4240 Sunshine Grey
4420 blue grey metallic
4420 Blue Grey Metallic
9134 smoke silver metallic
9134 Smoke Silver Metallic
9137 dark grey metallic
9137 Dark Grey Metallic
9205 champagne metallic
9205 Champagne Metallic
9308 bronze metallic
9308 Bronze Metallic
9601 silver metallic
9601 Silver Metallic
9701 silver ice metallic
9701 Silver Ice Metallic
9809 copper metallic
9809 Copper Metallic
9902 white
9902 White
1005 snow white
1005 Snow White
1125 cool yellow
1125 Cool Yellow
1135 sunshine yellow
1135 Sunshine Yellow
1190 bright orange
1190 Bright Orange
1420 reef blue
1420 Reef Blue
1510 fresh green
1510 Fresh Green
1599 forest green
1599 Forest Green
1677 poppy red
1677 Poppy Red
1686 power red
1686 Power Red
3032 mint green
3032 Mint Green
3221 bleached mint
3221 Bleached Mint
6027 light green
6027 Light Green
9130 enigma black
9130 Enigma Black
9210 frost white
9210 Frost White
9304 cool grey
9304 Cool Grey
9504 crux grey
9504 Crux Grey
10001 midnight blue
10001 Midnight Blue
10002 lapis blue
10002 Lapis Blue
10007 electric blue
10007 Electric Blue
10008 seal grey
10008 Seal Grey
Riddle Grey
Riddle Grey
6001 concrete 1
6001 Concrete 1
6002 concrete 2
6002 Concrete 2
6003 concrete 3
6003 Concrete 3
8355 elegant teak
8355 Elegant Teak
8400 warm oak
8400 Warm Oak
8805 dark kingwood
8805 Dark Kingwood
Dark teak
Dark Teak
Golden Ash
Golden Ash
Pacific Yew
Pacific Yew
Soft pine
Soft Pine
5360 corten
5360 Corten
5362 corten 3
5362 Corten 3
5363 corten 4
5363 Corten 4
5570 patina green
5570 Patina Green
5571 patina green 2
5571 Patina Green 2
Brushed copper
Brushed Copper
Charcoal zinc
Charcoal Zinc
Dark zinc
Dark Zinc
Light zinc
Light Zinc
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